Yetkin Degirmenci

Well hello there,

When I was a kid, my first job was selling socks on a street stall. I learned on streets, how to convince people to buy something from you while they are not interested in first place. I’m self-trained and I work my way up from a computer technician to system administrator through experiences at different positions about Information Technology. I became pioneer on certain network technologies and customer support in my country.

Besides, I am blessed with the opportunities of gaining experience on multi-disciplinary backgrounds; being one of the first baristas in Turkey, than becoming a Graphic Designer, working on Marketing Development with thousands of products to sell in 6000 locations, learning how to design and market products in chain stores, how to use grid layout and endcaps to push impulsive buy, Applied Visual merchandise and bundle technics in cashwarp points and free stands.

I created couple of private label and new brands that include my own Chocolate and designed couple furnitures, hidden passages and safe rooms and products along the way.

I've also worked for various pioneer Internet Service Providers in Turkey and many Hardware / Software, Consumer Retailer Companies.

I have countless hours of customer support experience via phone and face to face. I've delivered large technology projects on time, and with tight budgets in alignment with the business strategies.

For some people commuting might be boring but for me it is a chance to learn a new language via dualingo or similar apps.

I would never miss an opportunity to learn something new, and always I enjoy learning, creating, applying new things.
- While Merriam Webster define people like me

: a person of encyclopedic learning

I prefer Wikipedia definition

Polymath ( Greek πολυμαθής , polymathēs , "having learned much,". Latin : homo universalis, "universal man")
a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas —such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

When I face a problem I either find a way to solve or make one. Life is a challenge and I like a good challenge. If you are still here and reading this page, you either thinking I'm a highbrow or wisepants. I rest assure you I am not (ok maybe little bit *sigh* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

But I am efficient, ETNJ-A type person if you believe such things; so far it is very accurate though go a head check for yourself

Go check the foods and chocolates I made, listen the music I created, enjoy my sketches and illustrations.
You might even wanna try some of the DIY blueprints or you might wanna download some of the shell scripts or programs that I made.

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